The Road to ElDorado


As a gypsy on this highway, it’s about riding into the unknown, believing in the adventure and reveling in the journey. Each step offers a new memory or friend. Soaking in the Pacific salt air, running through the Midwestern plains, or sitting under the star-filled Great Lakes’ sky listening to the crackling fire. 

These are the moments I live for on this journey to Eldorado. 

Eldorado is for inspiring minds, free-spirited hearts and revolutionary souls. It’s for the believers in the magic all around us. 

It’s the lost city of gold. The dream. The Holy grail, that you spend a lifetime seeking. Coated in gold dust, Eldorado represents the relentless search for true love, heaven, and happiness. 

In the heart of Corktown, Detroit, Eldorado is a well-curated vintage general store that’s stocked with one of a kind trinkets and treasures from this journey.  Vintage clothing for men and women, handcrafted accessories, gathered talisman, worldly household items and locally made goods fill its sun-bathed shop. It’s a paradise of lost treasure or perhaps a found dream. 

Wander in. Stay awhile. Join me on this road to Eldorado.