The Detroit News Feature

Michael H. Hodges stopped in the store one afternoon within the first weeks of Eldorado opening its doors for the first time. He was in a bit of a hurry, ran in, said some lovely compliments, and as he was running out the door claimed he'd be back. He also said he is a writer for The Detroit News, he wanted to write about Eldorado. A month or so went by, he popped into my head, and then literally manifested himself into the store to do just as he promised - to interview me about the shop. 

I'll never forget the day the story ran - I was awoken by my dad's phone call. As he was drinking his morning coffee, he opened the paper, and saw the article. That was a pretty exciting moment - seeing Eldorado in print in The Detroit News. 

Thanks Michael! That was such a great honor. And thanks Max Ortiz for stopping in to capture such great photos for the article. 

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