Featured on Popover

Popover, a stylishly curated lifestyle website, reached out to do a feature on Eldorado. I had such a fun time in the shop with Heather of HMN Photography. We talked all things Eldorado and she captured the essence of the store beautifully both in words and images. 

Below is a passage from her write up - but please check out the whole article here.  

A corner shop nestled into the heart of Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood is home to Eldorado General Store, a veritable mecca of meticulously curated vintage clothing, accessories, locally made goods, trinkets and other unique sundries. On a bright and breezy Saturday morning, I hopped in my car and made the journey to this “lost city of gold” to meet with shop owner, treasure huntress and bi-coastal dweller, Erin Gavle.

I heard it was a vintage lover’s dream. And it was.

There is so much to be said for a mood or feeling elicited from a certain interior space. Walking through the door I froze, visually stunned by the thoughtful displays of colorful goods and the giant American flag hanging on the exposed brick wall behind a beautiful, gleaming old world wood counter. I was instantly welcomed by Erin and while she hurried about preparing for the day’s business, I slowly roamed through the space, delicately touching fabrics and letting my fingers graze over the unique objects and artifacts hand picked by this brilliant collector. I knew instantly that I would be leaving with a treasure just as I knew I’d be returning, making a visit to Eldorado a monthly ritual saved for the idlest of weekend mornings.