Interview with I Am Young America & Featured in The Detroit News

Was really excited when I Am Young America asked to do an interview.  Their mission is to help revitalize American cities by empowering young entrepreneurs as a means to combat unemployment. They highlight 30-somethings all over the country that are making their mark on their communities through entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. 

We talked about the road to Eldorado, my inspiration, and experiences chasing down the dream.  You can read the whole article here.

Eldorado General Store Detroit
Eldorado General Store Detroit Shopping
Eldorado General Store Wild Unknown Tarot
Eldorado General Store Detroit Vintage

After the interview with Margarita Barry, founder of I Am Young America, she included Eldorado in her story for The Detroit News on the resurgence of vintage stores popping up in Detroit.  You can read the whole article here.

Erin Gavle, founder of Eldorado, was inspired by her love for travel and her knack for finding unique curiosities. She left her New York City advertising job to move back home to Michigan to pursue her passion.
— Margarita Barry, The Detroit News