Keeping It Simple

My best friend asked me to create a poster for her using this quote. I thought it was the perfect reminder of what is truly important in this world.

Throughout the last year, I focused on realigning what truly mattered to me. It wasn't a big paying job, a fancy apartment, or a closet full of shoes. It wasn't lavish trips or bottomless mimosa brunches. It was surrounding myself with positive people. Following the dream I had deep down inside of myself. And figuring out who I really am. Sometimes we need to strip away all the extras we allow ourselves to indulge in to really remember what's at the core.

For almost a year, I tried to watch the sunset every evening. It really helped me put things into perspective. Every night I knew the sun would set and it would be beautiful. And it would rise again tomorrow. And everything would work out in the end. It allowed me to take a big deep breath and believe in the magic swirling around me.

This is one of those sunsets. And these words are the simple reminder.