That Summer Solstice Soul

We played in the innocence of summer and soaked in every last drop of solstice sunshine on the longest day of the year. We answered the calling to find our inner child and dance freely in the light of the sun until it set over the horizon and the clouds blissfully rolled in. Together we spent the day being creative outside and filling our cups with the magic of that Summer Solstice soul.

It’s a cold fall night as I write this, on the cusp of daylight savings, and I’m already longing for those endless, hot, summer nights filled with fields of wild flowers and pheasants dashing across North Corktown dirt roads. I’m forever grateful for the Eldorado ladies that wanted to make some beautiful art together and celebrate the warmth of the sun’s golden rays.

An Eldorado Internship Project:

Madeline Kidd / Intern: Photography + Videography + Editing

Erin Gavle / Creative Direction

Regina Rivard / Art Direction + Styling

Kelsie Angst / Hair + Makeup

Gabby Csapo / Summer Solstice Goddess Model

closeup necklace.jpg
in the field.jpg
white fence1.jpg
kept jewelry2.jpg
the shoes1.jpg
FF of Solstice 4.jpg
FF of Solstice 6.jpg
FF of Solstice7.jpg