Was so appreciative that Enterprise included Eldorado in its article about Corktown's rejuvenation. You can read the entire article here.

Eldorado General Store Crystals
You’ll need to stop into the big, magical Eldorado General Store owned by Erin Gavle. The space is overflowing with her vintage clothing finds for both men and women, as well as independently designed items. Gavle, who grew up outside the city, moved back to Detroit after five years working in advertising in New York City and opened the shop two years ago. “It started out pretty much all vintage, but I’ve really worked hard to incorporate local artists,” she says. “In my second year, I was focused on filling in the gaps between what I can find locally and what I can buy made in the U.S. or fair trade — something with a bigger purpose behind them.
— Enterprise
Eldorado General Store
Gavle wants to counter the pervasive trend of fast fashion, which she says puts a strain on the earth’s resources. To that end, Eldorado isn’t just a store but also offers workshops in henna, floral design, jewelry and styling. She wants to provide an experience for both visitors and locals alike. “We need people to walk away saying nice things about Detroit,” she says, and hopes to change the landscape of the neighborhood — something she’s done just with her choice of building, which had been empty since 1999 before Eldorado. “Opening this up and having lights on in the building really does create a change,” she says.
— Enterprise