This summer I got to collaborate with some really rad ladies - photographer Emily Berger of eeberger and Wolf Moon Mixer co-creator Dorota Coy. We combined our talents and got some friends together in Brush Park for an evening filled with delicious drinks and long warm golden hours. 

Really grateful that Dirt loved the experience we captured and the words we collectively wrote to explain the bigger picture of what we're trying to do here in Detroit. You can read the article "Rebuilding Detroit, One Collective Sip at a Time" here.


When asked what’s at the heart of this rebuild, Wolf Moon Mixers, Eldorado General Store, and photographer EE Berger collectively believe it’s the passion of bringing people together that should really be credited for Detroit’s growth...
Eldorado General Store Dirt Emily Berger Wolf Moon Mixer
What an outsider might not understand is that although Detroit is considered a big city, it operates as a small town. It possesses a culture that survives on community.
Eldorado General Store Dirt Emily Berger Wolf Moon Mixer
Through the avenue of cocktails, experiential design, and photography, the three small businesses created a space that grants permission for people to join forces. By meeting somewhere within the city and each bringing their own talents and passions to a gathering, it creates an automatic sense of collaboration while honoring each member’s contributions. The gathering itself is just a host for a bigger conversation. By inviting several small business owners or folks really acting on their hopes, dreams, and fears for not only themselves, but for the city, it will ultimately benefit everyone.