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Travel Writer and Author, Amy Eckert, of the new book “100 Things to Do in Detroit Before You Die,” suggests what to do on your next visit to Detroit. The Detroit News highlights 5 off-the-beaten-path things to do in Detroit - and named Eldorado as a destination not to be missed. What an honor. Read the entire article here.

Eldorado General Store The Detroit News Best Of Detroit
In Eckert’s opinion, the Eldorado General Store is “Detroit’s coolest vintage store.” Across from old Tiger Stadium in Corktown, owner Erin Gavle describes Eldorado on her website as “a well-curated vintage general store that’s stocked with one of a kind trinkets and treasures.” You’ll find everything from suede jackets to sequined handbags and fedoras. “The owner’s displays of leather bags, hats, cowboy boots and tea sets are just lovely,” Eckert says. “And many of the shop’s gently-used clothing items bear a little tag that indicates the city where the find was unearthed.” As Gavle puts it: “It’s a paradise of lost treasure or perhaps a found dream.”
— The Detroit News