Chicago Tribune

Writer Amy S. Eckert wrote a really great article for the Chicago Tribune - in which she focuses on the resurgence our neighborhood, Corktown, is experiencing here in Detroit. While it mostly focuses on the emerging dining scene, she was sure to mention some other great spots to check out in the neighborhood. And we really appreciate the love. You can read the entire article on the Chicago Tribune here.

While Corktown’s dining scene takes center stage, its boutique shopping is just as interesting, if markedly smaller.

Across the street from the old Tiger Stadium, Erin Gavle sells found objects of a different sort, including vintage clothing and jewelry, at Eldorado General Store.

”I felt a real connection with this building as soon as I stepped into it,” she says of Eldorado’s home, once a Tigers souvenir shop. “I love the energy and the people that surround me in Corktown.”

Handpicked, pre-loved cowboy boots, fringed suede jackets and sequined handbags sit alongside vintage silver tea sets and bouquets of dried flowers, as if arranged for Instagram. Many of her finds bear little tags advertising where they were discovered: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Austin, Texas; Portland, Ore.
— The Chicago Tribune