Interview with I Am Young America & Featured in The Detroit News

Was really excited when I Am Young America asked to do an interview.  Their mission is to help revitalize American cities by empowering young entrepreneurs as a means to combat unemployment. They highlight 30-somethings all over the country that are making their mark on their communities through entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. 

We talked about the road to Eldorado, my inspiration, and experiences chasing down the dream.  You can read the whole article here.

Eldorado General Store Detroit
Eldorado General Store Detroit Shopping
Eldorado General Store Wild Unknown Tarot
Eldorado General Store Detroit Vintage

After the interview with Margarita Barry, founder of I Am Young America, she included Eldorado in her story for The Detroit News on the resurgence of vintage stores popping up in Detroit.  You can read the whole article here.

Erin Gavle, founder of Eldorado, was inspired by her love for travel and her knack for finding unique curiosities. She left her New York City advertising job to move back home to Michigan to pursue her passion.
— Margarita Barry, The Detroit News

Named top 25 female entrepreneurs by Ambassador Magazine

I randomly received Detroit's Ambassador Magazine in the mail one afternoon. Upon flipping through, I stumbled across Eldorado General Store! Completely shocked and honored to be chosen as one of the "25 female entrepreneurs in metro Detroit who are willing to take neccessary risks to propel the economy forward."

Eldorado General Store Erin Gavle Ambassador Magazine
“After spending time in New York and Los Angeles, Erin Gavle settled back home in Detroit, opening up Eldorado General Store in July 2014. Positioned on the busy corner of Cochrane Street and Michigan Avenue in Corktown, Eldorado is shaping up to be more than just a store full of quality vintage wears and trinkets - it’s a chance to take in Gavle’s travel experiences and memories firsthand.
— Ambassador Magazine


Dear friend and photographer, Emily Berger, took the VSCO community on a visual tour of Detroit and included Eldorado General Store as a key stop along the way. Below are some of the images she captured and a quote from the article. Thank you Emily for including us in your Detroit favorites. 

You can read the whole article here.

Photo by  Emily Berger

Photo by Emily Berger

“Erin, the owner at Eldorado, has created a really unique and beautifully curated store in the Corktown neighborhood of the city. You walk in and there are treasures in every nook, cranny, and shelf in the room that also just happens to have unbeatable light and historic details. The items she sells she has hand-selected and hunted down in places afar. If it’s a gift you’re looking for or a new sequined party jacket for yourself, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it at Eldorado.”
Photo by   Emily Berger

Photo by Emily Berger

Photo by   Emily Berger

Photo by Emily Berger

Featured on Popover

Popover, a stylishly curated lifestyle website, reached out to do a feature on Eldorado. I had such a fun time in the shop with Heather of HMN Photography. We talked all things Eldorado and she captured the essence of the store beautifully both in words and images. 

Below is a passage from her write up - but please check out the whole article here.  

A corner shop nestled into the heart of Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood is home to Eldorado General Store, a veritable mecca of meticulously curated vintage clothing, accessories, locally made goods, trinkets and other unique sundries. On a bright and breezy Saturday morning, I hopped in my car and made the journey to this “lost city of gold” to meet with shop owner, treasure huntress and bi-coastal dweller, Erin Gavle.

I heard it was a vintage lover’s dream. And it was.

There is so much to be said for a mood or feeling elicited from a certain interior space. Walking through the door I froze, visually stunned by the thoughtful displays of colorful goods and the giant American flag hanging on the exposed brick wall behind a beautiful, gleaming old world wood counter. I was instantly welcomed by Erin and while she hurried about preparing for the day’s business, I slowly roamed through the space, delicately touching fabrics and letting my fingers graze over the unique objects and artifacts hand picked by this brilliant collector. I knew instantly that I would be leaving with a treasure just as I knew I’d be returning, making a visit to Eldorado a monthly ritual saved for the idlest of weekend mornings.


Where the Locals Go - Parkview Magazine

So honored to be featured in the first issue of Parkview Magazine - a digital lifestyle publication with a focus on awesome people, unique places, shared spaces and the experiences that influence a culture. Their goal is to showcase creative ways people are making a their mark in the world while fulfilling their passion and purpose. 

Ashley Parks, editor of Parkview Magazine, stopped in the store a few weeks back and snagged one of my most favorite of tooled leather bags. We chatted and had a lovely time in the store - she mentioned she wanted to include Eldorado in her upcoming launch of the magazine. 

My favorite part of any magazine is the back page. I read magazines from back to front, believing they keep the best secrets for last. I was so excited to realize that's exactly where they featured Eldorado General Store. As an insider scoop to where the locals shop and hang out. 

Take a gander through through the entire magazine here. There are some pretty great reads. Thanks again Ashley! 


A vintage general store with rare treasures from journeys around the world

The Detroit News Feature

Michael H. Hodges stopped in the store one afternoon within the first weeks of Eldorado opening its doors for the first time. He was in a bit of a hurry, ran in, said some lovely compliments, and as he was running out the door claimed he'd be back. He also said he is a writer for The Detroit News, he wanted to write about Eldorado. A month or so went by, he popped into my head, and then literally manifested himself into the store to do just as he promised - to interview me about the shop. 

I'll never forget the day the story ran - I was awoken by my dad's phone call. As he was drinking his morning coffee, he opened the paper, and saw the article. That was a pretty exciting moment - seeing Eldorado in print in The Detroit News. 

Thanks Michael! That was such a great honor. And thanks Max Ortiz for stopping in to capture such great photos for the article. 

Read the whole article here:

Featured in Deadline Detroit

Over the weekend we had a fella named Paul Warner, a professional photographer, stop in the shop and ask to snap some photos. He was doing a story on Corktown, Detroit, specifically Michigan Avenue.  And today, Monday, July 28th, we just saw the article online. Not one but TWO Eldorado General Store photos made the cut. You can read the full article here. Thanks Deadline Detroit. 

Photo by Paul Warner

Photo by Paul Warner

Photo by Paul Warner

Photo by Paul Warner

Detroit Metrotimes

Alysa Offman from Detroit Metrotimes swung by the store Tuesday, July 15th - just two short days before we officially opened - to get a sneak peek of the place while she did an interview and grabbed a few photos. We were pumped to see the article in the Metrotimes this week. What a lovely little write up. Thanks Alysa! Hope to see you back in the store soon! You can check out the piece here.

Photo by Erin Gavle

Photo by Erin Gavle

More Love from Curbed Detroit

Eldorado officially opened its doors for business on Thursday, July 17th, 2014. We were pumped when Chris and Michelle Gerard from Curbed Detroit ventured back to the store to browse, take a few photos and chat Eldorado. You can read the article here


Photo by Chris & Michelle Gerard 

Photo by Chris & Michelle Gerard 

Photo by Chris & Michelle Gerard 

Photo by Chris & Michelle Gerard 

Model D Interview

What I love most about being back in Detroit, is the energy and excitement that people have - especially when it comes to new businesses popping up in the city. One day, out of the blue we got an email from Mike Galbraith from Model D inquiring about the "activity" happening at 1700 Michigan Ave.  A few emails and one coffee interview later this article was published in Model D. Thanks Mike! The pleasure was all ours.  

Photo by Erin Gavle

Photo by Erin Gavle

A little love from Curbed Detroit

While working at the store this past Sunday, we were pumped to meet some neighbors. Michelle and Chris popped their heads into Eldorado General Store to see what all the commotion was about - turns out, they were from Curbed Detroit.

We were a bit shocked and delighted to see that Curbed Detroit wrote about us today. What fun it was stumbling across this article.  So, thanks Michelle and Chris - hope to see your smiley faces again soon! 

Photo by Erin Gavle

Photo by Erin Gavle