Totally honored and super excited to be highlighted in The Detroit Guide by Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's magazine, as a retail destination not to miss. It's really wonderful to see articles like this written about the city and highlighting so many amazing small businesses doing extraordinary things.

When Erin Gavle quit her advertising job in L.A., she purchased a van named Betsy and drove to Detroit. Along her journey, she stopped at Indian reservations, antique malls, garage sales and thrift stores to amass a collection of clothing, home goods, and jewelry that soon became stock at this beautifully curated new vintage shop. The store’s offerings range from cowboy boots to suede jackets to a truly impressive crystal collection.
— Goop


Was so appreciative that Enterprise included Eldorado in its article about Corktown's rejuvenation. You can read the entire article here.

Eldorado General Store Crystals
You’ll need to stop into the big, magical Eldorado General Store owned by Erin Gavle. The space is overflowing with her vintage clothing finds for both men and women, as well as independently designed items. Gavle, who grew up outside the city, moved back to Detroit after five years working in advertising in New York City and opened the shop two years ago. “It started out pretty much all vintage, but I’ve really worked hard to incorporate local artists,” she says. “In my second year, I was focused on filling in the gaps between what I can find locally and what I can buy made in the U.S. or fair trade — something with a bigger purpose behind them.
— Enterprise
Eldorado General Store
Gavle wants to counter the pervasive trend of fast fashion, which she says puts a strain on the earth’s resources. To that end, Eldorado isn’t just a store but also offers workshops in henna, floral design, jewelry and styling. She wants to provide an experience for both visitors and locals alike. “We need people to walk away saying nice things about Detroit,” she says, and hopes to change the landscape of the neighborhood — something she’s done just with her choice of building, which had been empty since 1999 before Eldorado. “Opening this up and having lights on in the building really does create a change,” she says.
— Enterprise


This summer I got to collaborate with some really rad ladies - photographer Emily Berger of eeberger and Wolf Moon Mixer co-creator Dorota Coy. We combined our talents and got some friends together in Brush Park for an evening filled with delicious drinks and long warm golden hours. 

Really grateful that Dirt loved the experience we captured and the words we collectively wrote to explain the bigger picture of what we're trying to do here in Detroit. You can read the article "Rebuilding Detroit, One Collective Sip at a Time" here.


When asked what’s at the heart of this rebuild, Wolf Moon Mixers, Eldorado General Store, and photographer EE Berger collectively believe it’s the passion of bringing people together that should really be credited for Detroit’s growth...
Eldorado General Store Dirt Emily Berger Wolf Moon Mixer
What an outsider might not understand is that although Detroit is considered a big city, it operates as a small town. It possesses a culture that survives on community.
Eldorado General Store Dirt Emily Berger Wolf Moon Mixer
Through the avenue of cocktails, experiential design, and photography, the three small businesses created a space that grants permission for people to join forces. By meeting somewhere within the city and each bringing their own talents and passions to a gathering, it creates an automatic sense of collaboration while honoring each member’s contributions. The gathering itself is just a host for a bigger conversation. By inviting several small business owners or folks really acting on their hopes, dreams, and fears for not only themselves, but for the city, it will ultimately benefit everyone.


Gotta chuckle a little at Corktown being named the most hipster neighborhood in all of Michigan according to BuzzFeed's article The Most Hipster Neighborhood In Every State, In Case You Were Wondering (AKA the places you’ll either flock to or avoid, depending on what kind of person you are.) But hey, I'll take it BuzzFeed! I do love hipster-ish things. Thanks for including us in the lineup. 

Eldorado General Store Buzz Feed
The Eldorado General Store is Detroit’s one-stop shop for hipster-ish things, like succulents, crystals, vintage clothing, and locally made goods.
— BuzzFeed

Best Vintage Store / Hour Detroit

Completely and utterly shocked and honored to have Eldorado General Store named Best Vintage Store in Detroit by Detroiters and Metro-Detroiters in Hour Detroit Magazine - Best Of 2016 issue. 

I received the magazine at the shop and starting flipping through the pages - and was nearly floored when I read Eldorado in print. Thank you so much for everyone who voted. It really made all the hard work for the last several years worth it. 

Eldorado General Store Best Vintage Store in Detroit Hour Magazine
Eldorado General Store Best Vintage Store in Detroit Hour Magazine

Chicago Tribune

Writer Amy S. Eckert wrote a really great article for the Chicago Tribune - in which she focuses on the resurgence our neighborhood, Corktown, is experiencing here in Detroit. While it mostly focuses on the emerging dining scene, she was sure to mention some other great spots to check out in the neighborhood. And we really appreciate the love. You can read the entire article on the Chicago Tribune here.

While Corktown’s dining scene takes center stage, its boutique shopping is just as interesting, if markedly smaller.

Across the street from the old Tiger Stadium, Erin Gavle sells found objects of a different sort, including vintage clothing and jewelry, at Eldorado General Store.

”I felt a real connection with this building as soon as I stepped into it,” she says of Eldorado’s home, once a Tigers souvenir shop. “I love the energy and the people that surround me in Corktown.”

Handpicked, pre-loved cowboy boots, fringed suede jackets and sequined handbags sit alongside vintage silver tea sets and bouquets of dried flowers, as if arranged for Instagram. Many of her finds bear little tags advertising where they were discovered: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Austin, Texas; Portland, Ore.
— The Chicago Tribune

The Detroit News

Travel Writer and Author, Amy Eckert, of the new book “100 Things to Do in Detroit Before You Die,” suggests what to do on your next visit to Detroit. The Detroit News highlights 5 off-the-beaten-path things to do in Detroit - and named Eldorado as a destination not to be missed. What an honor. Read the entire article here.

Eldorado General Store The Detroit News Best Of Detroit
In Eckert’s opinion, the Eldorado General Store is “Detroit’s coolest vintage store.” Across from old Tiger Stadium in Corktown, owner Erin Gavle describes Eldorado on her website as “a well-curated vintage general store that’s stocked with one of a kind trinkets and treasures.” You’ll find everything from suede jackets to sequined handbags and fedoras. “The owner’s displays of leather bags, hats, cowboy boots and tea sets are just lovely,” Eckert says. “And many of the shop’s gently-used clothing items bear a little tag that indicates the city where the find was unearthed.” As Gavle puts it: “It’s a paradise of lost treasure or perhaps a found dream.”
— The Detroit News

The New York Times

It was such an honor to be interviewed and included in "States of Inspiration & The Science Behind Realizing Your Aha Moment" - an article created by Tito's Vodka and T Brand Studios for The New York Times that focuses on individuals who have listened to their inner callings and found their true passions. Read the entire article here.

Eldorado, to me, was about creating a lifestyle. It was about redefining what happiness means to me.
Erin Gavle New York Times Titos Vodka
Erin Gavle New York Times Titos Vodka
Photo by the insanely talented  Sean Proctor

Photo by the insanely talented Sean Proctor

Meanwhile, Gavle is living happily in Detroit where she’s been able to give other artisans in her growing community a platform to show their wares. ”That’s why I named it Eldorado General Store, because ‘general store’ is about that sense of community,” says Gavle. “It’s about pushing creativity further and allowing people’s passions to spark and grow.”

Design Sponge

It was so incredibly exciting when Design Sponge reached out and said they wanted to feature the apartment on their blog. I think I actually did a little jig in celebration. I would look through the pages of beautiful apartments and houses years ago on their site and never even fathomed I would be included. It's been truly a bucket list check off the ol' to-do list. 

You can read and see the entire home tour here

Below are some extra images not included in the feature. 

Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store
Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store
Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store
Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store
Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store
Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store
Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store
Erin Gavle Design Sponge Eldorado General Store

We Wore What

Danielle from WeWoreWhat was swinging through Detroit and asked her followers on Instagram where she should go shopping to find stellar vintage pieces while in the city. (Thank you everyone who mentioned and tagged Eldorado General Store!) 

It was her first stop in the city, and she left with some of my favorite pieces in the shop. Like a 1940s authentic bomber jacket - complete with a note in the pocket detailing who it belonged to - Major Stanley Sealy / 384th Tactical Fighter Wing, U.S. Army Air Force. And a vintage fur jacket, to name a few pieces. 

It's always pretty rad seeing where these finds end up - looking forward to having WeWoreWhat stop back by next time she's in the Corktown neighborhood. 

Hour Detroit

It was a dream come true being featured in Hour Detroit Magazine this January. Last year I made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish over the next 365 days and it was certainly awesome to be able to cross this off the list. It's a great reminder to keep reaching for the stars. 

Thank you Hour Detroit for such lovely, lovely words about Eldorado and my Lost City of Gold. You can read the entire article here.

Erin Gavle Eldorado General Store Hour Detroit
Step inside and you’ll most likely be greeted by owner and “Chief Trinketeer” Erin Gavle — a self-proclaimed gypsy who left corporate life to turn a knack for finding antiques, art, and vintage clothing into her dream job.

The Metropolitan

Thanks The Metropolitan for stopping by on Small Business Saturday to help us drink mimosas and highlight Eldorado in your December's issue of the magazine. It's always fun flipping open a magazine and seeing the shop in print. Cheers!

Click here to flip through the digital version of the magazine (Eldorado is on page 8 & 9).

The Metropolitan Detroit Eldorado General Store Erin Gavle
The vintage shop is now a beautifully designed treasure of carefully curated western clothing, hand made beaded items, vintage Native American jewelry, and some of the hippest 60s and 70s fashion for men and women this side of the Mississippi.

Virgin Atlantic's Inflight Magazine: VOYEUR

One day a friend messaged me and said he was sitting down to his break (as a pilot for Virgin Australia), flipped open their new inflight magazine and was shocked to see Eldorado.  So very grateful to be included in the eight page spread Virgin Atlantic did on Detroit and what's currently happening here in the city. If you find yourself on a flight in Australia, please snag a copy! 

Virgin Australia Voyeur Magazine
Eldorado General Store Virgin Atlantic Australia Voyeur
I visit the Eldorado General Store, a vintage shop filled with unique trinkets . It’s the brainchild of Erin Gavle, a Michigan native who decided to return home in the wake of the GFC to help counter negative perceptions of Detroit.”
Eldorado General Store Virgin Australia Voyeur

ZIPCAR'S Ziptopia

Zipcar's blog, Ziptopia, recently published an article focusing on Detroit's turnaround and created a guide to Corktown - in which, they included Eldorado! Check out the whole article here

Spiff up your abode with picture-perfect wares from Eldorado General Store.
Eldorado General Store Zipcar Detroit Corktown
And speaking of: Corktown’s got a new retro hub, in the form of the Eldorado General Store. Opened last year, the boutique stocks a selection of handpicked vintage treasures sourced by owner Erin Gavle, from sequined pieces to leather purses, carafe sets, and jewelry—all arranged in Pinterest-friendly displays.
— Ziptopia

Virgin Atlantic's Neighborhood Guide to Corktown

After announcing that Virgin Atlantic will have non-stop flights to Detroit, the airline company has really focused on sharing the wealth of opportunities and activities that Detroit has to offer tourists. They did a really awesome Neighborhood Guide to Corktown on their blog and mentioned Eldorado General Store as a destination not to be missed. 

Check out the entire article about our neighborhood and neighbors here. 

And for some cute vintage finds, Eldorado General Store is packed with clothes, accessories, and housewares with personality.

Design Sponge

I'll never forget the day I sold a gigantic disco ball to the adorable Tracey Tilley .  She has impeccable taste and I knew immediately we were kindred spirits. What I didn't know, however, is that said gigantic disco ball would be featured on Design Sponge less than a year later. 

Take a tour of her home and check out that disco ball!  

Eldorado General Store Design Sponge Disco Ball
Truly one-of-a-kind pieces fill her rambler. There’s even a disco ball in the dining room and a full suit of armor guarding the breakfast nook. All these quirky touches set the mood for a fun and glittering home I am sure you’ll not soon forget.
Eldorado General Store Design Sponge Disco Ball